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How to hear soft speech 20% better than with your old hearing aids!

  Oticon has long made excellent, very successful hearing devices.  This time, they have made some changes to their products that are a significant evolution, and didn’t increase prices.  The newest, high tech hearing devices the Alta 2 Pro TI have made the following improvements over their last high tech hearing devices: Improved ability to […]

IPhone controlled hearing aids. Are they hype or something real?

GNResound has made big news with an iPhone controlled hearing aid.  I am a huge technology buff and an early adopter.  I was excited to have the chance to see this in person.  The short version of my impression is mixed.  I think the idea is very forward thinking and has potential.  I don’t think […]

Oticon releases the Nera and Nera Pro mid-level hearing devices

It is no secret that I feel Oticon makes quality hearing devices for their high tech products.  Now their mid priced hearing aids have taken a major step forward with the release of the Nera and Nera Pro circuits.  These devices are based on the same technology as the Alta and Alta Pro devices, which […]

Personalization – the big push in hearing devices

Every year we seem to have a buzz word and all the hearing device manufacturers want to jump on the band wagon.  This year it is personalization.  Every manufacturer seems to be stressing how their hearing devices can be personalized to you.  This is not new.  Hearing devices have long been set to your particular […]

Oticon Alta Pro New Hearing Aid Review. Possibly A Game Changer!

Oticon has been a big innovator with hearing aids in the past few years.  I have liked them for mid or high tech hearing devices for a long time.  Their new flagship product is called the Alta Pro.  Under the hood, it bears a strong resemblence to the wildly successful Agil Pro.  In the Alta […]

Widex Dream New Hearing Aid Review

It had been awhile since we have had a new hearing aid to review.  Most new products tend to come out in the spring, so we will have a few reviews coming out over the coming weeks.  I am going to concentrate just on the most noteworthy products to review.  There are many others, but […]

New budget priced hearing aid by Phonak

Phonak has released a new lower priced line of hearing aids for those of us on a tight budget.  This entry level price point has been a challenge with hearing aid companies in the past.  My experience has been that mid priced hearing aids and above have been generally good.  Lower priced hearing aids have […]

New virtually invisible Oticon Intiga i hearing aid.

There is a new hearing aid in the Oticon lineup released just in time for the annual American Academy of Audiology convention.  This is another repackage of the same technology Oticon has used for the past year and a half.  The twist is this is in an ultra miniature completely in the canal hearing aid.  […]

What do hearing aids cost?

We often get phone calls asking “How much would hearing aids cost?”  That is almost like asking how much would a car cost before you have decided what kind of car you want to buy.  Prices vary by model of hearing aid, and change all the time as technology changes.  Here is a short video […]

Phonak Nano completely in the canal hearing aid

This is the second review of some Phonak hearing aids that I feel fill an important niche for a number of people with hearing loss.  The Phonak Nano hearing aids are completely in the canal hearing aids designed for people who want to get a hearing aid that is as small as possible.  Now the […]

The Phonak H2O hearing aid

Phonak, one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers has come out with two new products lately that seem to fill a niche for some people.  This is one of them.  The H2O line of hearing aids are designed for those patients who need a very water resistant hearing aid.  This can be useful for […]

Widex Fusion 440 hearing aid review

I have now had a chance to listen to and try out the Widex Fusion 440 mini behind the ear hearing aids.  I have to say I like them quite a bit.  They are reasonably small while still housing the larger size 312 battery giving improved battery life.  These are the flagship technology for Widex […]

Widex Fusion Hearing Aids Now Available

Widex has released a new line of hearing aids called the Fusion.  These hearing aids are really the same as the Widex Clear hearing aids, but with a slightly bigger battery.  This is a very necessary move.  The Widex Clear 440 hearing aids, while providing very good sound, have extremely short battery life.  Battery life […]

New Hearing Aid Review – Oticon Intiga

If you have followed my posts you know I generally like Oticon hearing aids.  They now have a new line of hearing aids called Intiga.  Rather than being a new hearing aid technology, it is more of a smaller size for their existing hearing aids.  The Intiga hearing aids are very small mini behind the […]

Why I like mini behind-the-ear hearing aids

You may have noticed I have pictures of just one style of hearing aid on my reviews, the mini behind-the-ear (mBTE) style.  I do carry the older style in-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing aids, and these are good choices for some people.  But most of my hearing aid fittings these days are now the mBTE style.  […]

Oticon Agil Pro hearing aids

The hearing aid manufacturer Oticon continues to be one of my favorites primarily due to their very heavy commitment to research and development. They have routinely had a strong value per dollar and are always one of the top manufacturers with innovation. Earlier this year I started using their Agil Pro hearing aid as one […]

Widex Clear 440 hearing aids

Widex has been one of my perennial favorite hearing aid manufacturers. They now have a new product called the Clear. In addtion to being a solid choice in hearing aids, with all the bells and whistles you would hope from a premium hearing aid, they offer a unique tool for people who suffer from tinnitus. […]

Unitron’s new remote control for their hearing aids

Unitron has been around for years, and its technology is based on another major hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. Unitron has always added their own features onto the Phonak products, however. Most recently, Unitron has developed an innovative remote control for many of their hearing aids. They call this their Smart Control. Remote controls have been […]