Widex Fusion 440 hearing aid review

I have now had a chance to listen to and try out the Widex Fusion 440 mini behind the ear hearing aids.  I have to say I like them quite a bit.  They are reasonably small while still housing the larger size 312 battery giving improved battery life.  These are the flagship technology for Widex and it shows.  The sound quality is very high and they work well in challenging noisy environments thanks to the fact that the hearing aids communicate with each other 21 times a second and work as a team rather than two individual hearing aids.  The thing that really sets these apart is the Zen program used for tinnitus relief.  The Zen program is also available in Widex mid and lower priced products too.  All in all I put these basically on par with the Oticon Agil Pros.  Although the Oticons are a slight bit more attractive, the Widex hearing aids offer the tinnitus program.  Nice job by Widex here.

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