Oticon Alta Pro New Hearing Aid Review. Possibly A Game Changer!

Oticon has been a big innovator with hearing aids in the past few years.  I have liked them for mid or high tech hearing devices for a long time.  Their new flagship product is called the Alta Pro.  Under the hood, it bears a strong resemblence to the wildly successful Agil Pro.  In the Alta Pro, you will find the same two ear sound processing that created a much improved clarity in noisy environments.  The directional microphones are still fantastic and provide improved ability to hear through the background noise in places like restaurants and the car.

What is new? Although I have always liked Oticon, a weak point has been their ability to control feedback, or the squeal hearing aids can make when turned up too loud.  Finally, with the Alta Pro, Oticon has brought out their fantastic sound processing with a world class feedback control system.  This addresses what was always a limiting factor in previous Oticon hearing devices.  In addition, for the small behind the ear users, the Oticon Alta pro can fit even more people with tiny ears.  They have redesigned the loudspeaker to be much smaller and ergonomically designed.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Oticon has taken the stance that your hearing loss is unique.  Your sound processing should be too. For years hearing aids have been fit by prescription.  A certain amount of hearing loss needs a certain amount of power.  The problem is most people don’t like what their prescribed power is.  You might want a sound that is customized to your personal tastes.  The Oticon Alta Pro has specific tools and adjustments to let us individualize the sound quality to what YOU like.  We have always worked to do this for people, but now there is a hearing aid designed from the ground up to deliver YOUR sound.  And can I just say, it is about time?

Oticon Alta Commercial

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