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Personal Identity and Hearing Loss

At first, many people are reluctant to accept their hearing loss and hearing aids. What can we do to make a positive change and break down this stigma?

How to Hear Soft Speech 20% Better Than with Your Old Hearing Aids!

You can improve your ability to hear soft speech by 20% compared to your old hearing aids while also reducing feedback & relieving tinnitus.

Why Do People Wait Seven Years to Get a Hearing Test?

Many people wait too long before they confront their hearing loss & by doing so they are putting themselves at a greater risk. Find out what you can do.

Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage: What Questions to Ask and What to Avoid

Learn the answers to common hearing aid insurance questions and find out what coverage & programs you can benefit from.

Smart Buying Decisions: How Hearing Aids Give You a Great Return on Your Investment

Discover the six ways that investing in a professionally-fit hearing device can provide you with a better return than ever expected.

What is the Process to Get Hearing Testing or Hearing Aids

With these 5 simple steps, you will realize that starting your journey to better hearing health can be easier than you imaged.

Hearing Aids and Health Insurance - How to Select an Insurance Plan

Use these 7 questions to find out what hearing health & hearing aid coverage your insurance carrier is providing you with.

iPhone-Controlled Hearing Aids. Are They Hype or Something Real?

With the latest hearing technology you can begin to use your smartphone as a remote control for your hearing aids & make adjustments to them on the fly.

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