How to Hear Soft Speech 20% Better Than with Your Old Hearing Aids!


Oticon has long made excellent, very successful hearing devices. This time, they have made some changes to their products that are a significant evolution and didn’t increase prices. The newest, high-tech hearing devices, the Alta2 Pro TI, have made the following improvements over their last high-tech hearing devices:

  • Improved ability to understand soft speech by up to 20%

The average user improves their soft-speech understanding over last year’s Alta Pro

  • Improved control of feedback, or whistling, from the hearing aids
  • Better ability to fine tune the sound processing to how your individual neurology, or brain, prefers
  • For people with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, we can activate sound therapy to help reduce the irritation or distraction that the ringing can cause

In addition to these new benefits, this newest generation of Oticon hearing devices continues to build on tried and true concepts. The Alta2 Pro TI hearing aids work together to process sound as a team instead of each hearing aid being blind to what the other hearing aid is doing. And the newest Oticon hearing aids continue to use noise reduction technology that is triggered intelligently; only when it is likely to improve your ability to hear speech in noise.

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