Hearing Aids

Is your hearing loss holding you back? Is your work starting to suffer? Are your relationships strained? Are you starting to enjoy social situations less because it’s frustrating to try to hear in restaurants and groups?

Hearing aids may be useful in making sure you’re getting the most out of life. How much easier would it be if you could strain less to understand conversations and be a part of the action?


Hearing Aid Lineup

Today’s hearing aids are nothing like the ones you might remember from years ago. They used to be large, bulky, frequently whistled or squealed, and often made hearing in noisy situations more difficult rather than easier. Most people want more out of hearing aids.

Hearing aids today generally look very good. Mini behind-the-ear hearing aids are very sleek and generally sound the best for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.


What Makes a Successful Hearing Aid Fitting?

We’ll work to make sure your new hearing aids provide:

  • Improved speech understanding, even in moderately noisy environments like the car and in restaurants
  • Easier communication at a distance, including across the room, in a classroom, or a lecture setting
  • Little to no whistling, squealing, or feedback
  • Comfort that allows you to wear them most waking hours without thinking much about them
  • Improved quality of life
  • Effortless listening: soft speech should be audible, conversational speech should be comfortable, and loud speech should be tolerable

The decision to get hearing aids is very personal. It’s often something you will probably think about for a long time before taking action. Once you do make the decision to move forward, the process of fitting and programming hearing aids is custom tailored to you. This is not something that can be purchased “off the rack” to deliver optimum results.

In fact, in almost all 50 states it’s actually illegal to purchase hearing aids through the mail. These laws are in place because if the hearing aids are inappropriately programmed or fit, you can actually make your hearing loss worse! For most people, getting new hearing aids will involve three to five in-office appointments. After that, you can expect to have routine checkups every six to 12 months to ensure your hearing aids are working at their peak efficiency.


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Hearing Aid Accessories

For some patients, we may recommend supplemental devices in addition to the hearing aids. If you have a particularly difficult time with either the telephone or the television, you may benefit from a device that allows your phone or TV to wirelessly transmit directly to your hearing aids. This technology can make a world of difference! Be sure to ask about it, especially if hearing aids are not enough for you in these listening situations.

EarQ Secure WarrantyWe work with almost all major brands of hearing aids. Warranty and coverage plans vary; all EarQ hearing aids come with the EarQ 4-Year Secure Warranty for maximum protection.

To hear more, call us at (503) 232-1845.


What Do Hearing Aids Cost?

We often receive phone calls asking, “How much would hearing aids cost?” That’s almost like asking how much a car costs before you’ve decided what kind you want to buy. Prices vary by model and change all the time as technology improves.

Here’s a short video that talks about major price categories as of 2015 at our clinic. It’ll give you an idea what hearing aids commonly cost. Included with most hearing aids is a two-year service package covering all needed adjustments and repairs as well loss and damage insurance. These prices may also be reduced if you have insurance coverage for your new hearing aids. Your exact cost would depend on what hearing aid you ultimately selected based on your individual needs and goals.

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